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HOME REMEDIES | Top 10 Home Remedies For Acne

if you are tired of spending anymore time and money on acne medications that promised big but never delivered, then you might want to take a look at home remedy approach. home remedies are becoming more and more preferred solutions nowadays because of the many benefits you can get. treating acne at home with homemade remedies not only allows more freedom and privacy, but also saves precious time and hard-earned money. a simple home remedy that suits your skin perfectly is no doubt much powerful than any over-the-top commercial remedy if used properly. with that said, here are the ten most popular home remedies that anyone can easily do to get rid of acne from home.

home remedy 1: orange peels

orange peel is a well known effective natural medication for acne. it contains citric acid which actively kills bacteria, and it has a very attractive smell too. to apply this, grind peels of oranges into paste and put it on the areas affected for 10 minutes. you can add a bit of water if the paste is too thick. do this twice a day for optimal results.

home remedy 2: almond powder

the use of almonds as medicine has been on for centuries long. it is rich in vitamin e, which is good for skin's longevity. it can also be used as a cure to acne-prone skin. mix almond powder with water to form a paste, and then put it on the affected skin. allow it to dry for about half an hour and later wash it off.

home remedy 3: cinnamon + lemon juice

cinnamon is well-known for its numerous health benefits. and these apply to skin as well. combine it with lemon juice and you'll have a powerful acne solution. grind a cinnamon finely and then mix with a teaspoon of lemon juice. put on the concerned patches of skin and leave it for about 10 minutes before washing off. do this at least two times a day.

home remedy 4: sandalwood + turmeric powder

sandalwood was commonly used by herbalists to treat various skin problems and diseases during ancient times. today people are still using it to treat acne. turmeric acts as anti-inflammatory agent for the skin and also helps in reducing infections and diseases. mix a half teaspoon of sandalwood along with turmeric powder and add some small quantity of water. apply the mix to the affected skin.

home remedy 5: cucumber

home remedy enthusiasts use cucumber on topical applications more often than eating because of its top-notch cooling effect, the cleansing properties which clears and soften the skin, and the sulfur content that eliminates acne. blend a cucumber into paste and then apply to the affected area. it can be left there for about 30 minutes to an hour after which it should be washed away.

home remedy 6: aloe vera

you can't go wrong with aloe vera. this plant is a storehouse of hundreds of nutritional substances and has been used as medicine since before history was written! pick a fresh aloe vera plant and rub its juice all over the affected area. let it dry before going to bed, have it washed off in the morning.

home remedy 7: honey + cinnamon

this combination has been reported to have the miracle of healing sickness and diseases. it also cures acne effectively. with three tablespoons of pure honey and one of cinnamon powder, make a paste and apply to the affected skin before bed. next morning, wash it off with warm water. apply this home remedy continuously for two weeks to see results.

home remedy 8: baking soda

i'm sure you have this in your kitchen right now! not only is cheap, baking soda also cures acne very well. it helps to dry out the pimples, calm redness of skin, and also reduce scars. mix a small amount of baking soda with water and gently apply on skin. this may sting a little so don't wait too long before washing off with cool water. best done before taking shower.

home remedy 9: yogurt

don't limit yogurt for just eating, yogurt can be applied externally too. the bacterial content of yogurt does not harm the skin in any way. instead, it kills harmful bacteria off the skin! apply a non-fat yogurt as a face mask twice a week for best results.

home remedy 10: green tea

green tea often becomes the answer to many health problems. this is especially true when it is proven to improve the immune system of the body, rejuvenate dying skin cells, and improve life's longevity. by just drinking at least three cups of decaffeinated green tea every day, you'll be on your way to a healthy body, not just the skin. you can apply it topically too by rubbing the tea bag on the acne.

there you have it! now that you have learned the 10 best home remedies for acne, there is no more reason for you to look away and take the tedious, expensive paths to have your acne treated. go try and make one remedy out of yourself and i'm sure you will love how it feels! if one didn't work out as you hoped for, don't give up! the right cure is always out there waiting for you to discover. experiment other remedies as you go and keep looking forward to finding the best one that suits your skin. i sincerely hope after reading this article, you find your holy grail, and that acne would someday become nothing but a distant memory.

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