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HOME REMEDIES | 10 Easy Tips how to keep your eye health

The eye is a very important organ in our body. With eyes we can see the beauty of funny stuff, cowo-cowo Rober, read, watch tv and record all the things that we can see. Essential eye really right for us? Thus maintaining eye health to avoid a variety ofdiseases and disorders of the eye. Eye diseases that are familiar, such as myopia or myopic far, hipermetropi or nearsightedness, presbiopi or cannot see objects distant or near, cataracts and color blindness or can not see the full range of colors. Don't want to right eye disease affected you? Let alone until you need to use thick glasses, hates itYou must read the following tips so that you may avoid eye disease and maintain health eyes easily.

1. Eat foods that are Good for the eyes

After a long day at the computer, automatically the eye will easily tired and if in let the eyes could gradually exposed to the disease. So the eyes function normally, we have to be smart to choose food. Among other things:

Foods that contain vitamin A, C and E
Foods that contain anti oxidants, such as green vegetables, yellow eggs, peppers, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot
Foods that are rich in cysteine and sulfur, lecithin, such as garlic, onions and shallots
Consumption of fruit anthocyanin-rich blackberry, such as blueberries (not brand china hp), graceful and goji berry
Foods rich in DHA or fatty acids, like those found in salmon, sardines, mackerel and cod

2. Sport Eyes

Indeed, the body needs doang sport? The eyes are also necessary, girls. In order to function normally and optimal. Do sports eye for a month to get maximum results. That could be done, among other things:
Warm your eyes. Here's how: rub-rub the Palm of the hand to warm, then tangkupkan hands of you in the eye for five seconds. Repeat 3 times.
Rotate the eyeball, but don't be too glaring later kayak Susanna. Here's how: look up, turn the eyeball slowly 10 times as opposed to araj clockwork.
Try to focus. Here's how: hold a pen, and then cast the hand forward and focus attention on the pens. Slowly hover into the eye with a pen, to teach 12 cm from the nose, and keep returning. Repeat 10 times.
The second temple massage with the use of the thumb. Here's how: circular motionmassages in line 20 times and the opposite direction 20 times. Do the same for a massage in the middle between the two eyebrows, under the eyes and nose at the trunk.

3. The eyes need a break too?

Rest your eyes with enough sleep for 8 hours a day, can help keep you eye kesahatan. After staring at the screen of a monitor for 50 minutes, you rest your eyes for 10 minutes.
If you eyes feel very tired, grab a cold cucumber pieces and lay it on top of the eyelid. Let stand for 15 minutes. The eyes you'll come back fresh. Try Yes!

4. Keep your Visibility

While it is located in front of the monitor screen or TV, the ideal viewing distance isabout 50-100 cm. Same as reading a book, the ideal distance of about 30 cm and don't you read a book while you snooze or in a dark room. It is intended to let you escape from myopia or nearsightedness.

5. avoid Habits Rubbed Eyes

Do not always rubbed eyes when eyes itch. In the hands of many germs and dust not seen, much less after you hold the dirty objects then it can be gatalnya not lost even to the eye will be red and watery. Do not be rubbed eyes again, yes because it is very bad for the health of the eyes.

6. Check your Eyes

Check with your eyes you regularly so that spared from the disease that can strike the eye seaktu-time.

7. Quit smoking

For a smoker, stop smoking habit from now. Because it can potentially experience a number of eye diseases such as cataracts, and damage to the optic nerve. Hi.. spooky huh?

8. use Glasses at the right moment

Be sure to wear goggles or other eye protection use when working around chemicals or places with particulate air is dangerous. Also use sunglasses for protective uv light from sunlight

9. do not wear contact lenses over 19 Hours

Use of contact lenses is indeed good for appearance, but do not let you forget about eye health. Wearing contact lenses more than 19 hours will cause irritation and can lead to permanent eye damage as well as a sense of uneasy on the eyes. Do notalso wearing glasses too long, Yes!

10. reduce the use of Eye Drops

Reduce the wearing of eye drops to overcome red eyes, okay. But wear only once. If the overload will damage the health of the eyes.

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