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HOME REMEDIES | for Dysmenorrhea/painful menstruation

One of the most disturbing for women, in addition to acne, it is Dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is a term for painful menstrual like cramps. Dysmenorrhea can occur with or without underlying disease in addition to menstruation. Dysmenorrhea are generally occurred in the early days of menstruation and takes place on the first day until the third day. Abdominal pain due to dysmenorrhea has a distinctive location that is at the bottom of the stomach and may spread to my back and thighs.

The presence of dysmenorrhea sometimes interfere with productivity, causing a sense of young women are lazy and in pain until unconsciousness occurs. Some of the following can be done to reduce the symptoms of dysmenorrhea so you can work as usual:

1. Warm compress
Already an open secret that a warm compress can be relaxes muscles and relieves pain, as in dysmenorrhea which is the primary cause of pain to muscle contraction. Enter the warm water into the bottle or use a towel that has been soaked of warm water, then compress in the stomach in a comfortable body position. Do for 15 minutes, or as long as you need. If necessary, please be retried.

2. Warm tea
Hot tea, which contains chamomile or ginger, is the right choice to reduce the paindue to dysmenorrhea. Chamomile has a bitter taste and effects capable relaxes smooth muscle, loosen contractions, and reduce cramps as well as spasme. While the ginger contains chemicals gingerol and shogaol relaxes smooth muscle can and is capable of reducing stomach cramps.

3. Sports
The pain due to Your lazy cause dysmenorrhea activity. But did you know that exercise can reduce pain? Gentle exercise such as brisk walking and other aerobic exercisetriggers the body to pump more blood. This helps the body to release endorphins that will work against the prostaglandins and reduce pain. If you often experience dysmenorrhea, sports is one of the right ways to prevent it.

4. Vitamin D
Vitamin D consumption on a regular basis is important to prevent abdominal pain due to dysmenorrhea. A study found that high doses of vitamin D3 can reduce the pain due to dysmenorrhea by as much as 41%.

5. Acupuncture
Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncturehave been examined in the University Kyung Hee of South Korea, were able to reduce pain better than the control using a placebo.

And that is no less important, if you often experiencing dysmenorrhea, always provide medication antinyeri, such as paracetamol or mefenamic acid. When pain is notdiminished by the ways above, immediately taking the medication, according to thedosage required (can be read on the label of the drug or ask Your doctor/pharmacist), and stop the pain disappeared after drug consumption to prevent unwanted effects.

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