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HOME REMEDIES for stomach ache you should know

A disease that is very common in everyday life is the main abdomen. Pain experienced anywhere between your chest and groin is called colic. The intensity of pain can vary from mild to moderate and heavy. While most of the abdominal pain that is allegedly caused by the stomach, there are also other reasons that serious. Stomach pain can be caused by digestive disorders, chronic constipation, gastric, acidity, food poisoning etc. The main reason is appendicitis, kidney stones or gall bladder inflammation, ulcersurinary tract infection, hernia, etc. In the case then see doctor is a must. Self-medication in cases can be very detrimental to health and can often result inthe death of the patient.

But for all our pain homemade remedies known to be very efficient and effective in treating and in many cases, cure a stomach ache. And the good thing is that most of these drugs are available in your kitchen and you don't have to go outside. Let's say for example ginger, available at most kitchen India have medicinal values which are very effective. Mix Mint juice, lime juice and ginger juice with a dash of black flakes are known to make miracles in abdominal pain. One teaspoon fresh ginger juice mixed with half a teaspoon of butter will relieve the pain immediately. Even massaging the stomach juice on Ginger is known to relieve pain.

In addition to ginger, spices etc. are also known to be very helpful in this regard. Drinking regular soda water to reduce acidity if it causes pain. Carom seeds with rock or salt in a glass of water reduces pain. Take ginger juice with castor oil in half a cup of warm water twice daily to get relief from pain. Fenugreek seeds paste with curd has a positive effect on pain and cramping. Pomegranate seeds are mixed with salt and freshly ground black pepper revive someone from stomach pain. Two grams of celery leaves, crushed and dried grams rock salt provides instant relief from pain in the stomach.

Some herbs that are not so common for the abdominal pain is as follows. Drinkingblanched lemon verbena leaves also help. For adult swallows cumin seeds reduce the pain but it is not for children. 20 grams of anise soak in water overnight and the next morning the tense mixed drinks. Chronic abdominal pain can be treated with a daily intake of pasta making form two grams of fennel seeds and black raisins soaked in water overnight in the morning.

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