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HOME REMEDIES Bay Leaf Cure Gout

Bay leaf is the name of the Spice-producing tree leaves are used in cuisines. This popular leaf used for flavoring in Asian kitchens, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Viet Namand Thailand. In general the bay leaf is used in a fresh State, however some areas use it in case of dry. In addition to being used as a seasoning, Bay leaves are also believed to be able to mengobatai the various disease one is treating gout.

Bay leaf contains asiri oils, sitral, egeunol, tannins, flavonoids, and methyl kavikol. Ethanol extract contained from Bay leaf serves as an antifungal and antibacterial, astringent, metanolnya extract nutritious counts as a anticacing substance.

Bay leaf for medicinal herbs have been known since the first. How to make home remedies or traditional medicinal herb use Bay leaves to cure gout is very easy, here are tips on how you cultivate Bay leaves to cure gout

The first step is preparing the main family tourism materials i.e. 10 pieces Bay leavesare still fresh then prepare also 4 cups of water. After the required materials are already prepared, advanced to the stage of how to create or cultivate Bay leaves to curegout.

Bay leaves are washed beforehand prepared to clean then boiled with 4 cups of water to a boil until the water is about 2 cups left over stew. Then lift the filter and water decoction of bay leaf. Decoction of bay leaf to remedy gout drunk while warm, and doing it this way twice a day.

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